Best recipe of Biryani 2022

Famous Pakistani Recipe Of Biryani

Best recipe of Biryani 2022
Best recipe of Biryani 2022

Biryani comes from the Persian word BRIAN which means fried before cooking. So, It is originated in Iran. Another story about it was the dish of Mumtaz Mahal. Mughals first introduced biryani in the northern area. It was also known as pakka Biryani at the times of the Mughals because most of the ingredients are pre-cooked in it and then put together in a pot (daig) and then placed on slow fire (dum) for the final result. Best recipe of biryani 2022

Ingredients Require For Biryani

ingredientd 1
Rice3 cups
Chicken1 kg
Oil/Ghee1 cup
Ginger garlic pasteI tb spoon
YoghurtHalf bowl
Biryani masala1 packet
SaltAs per taste
Red chili powderAs per taste
Coriander powder1 tea  spoon
Turmeric1 tea  spoon
Garam masala powderAs per taste
Green chilli3-4
CorianderAs per taste
Food color ( yellow)2-3 tea spoons

How To Make Biryani( best recipe of biryani 2022)

Three main steps of Biryani

Step 1: Preparation of chicken curry


For the preparation of curry, we pour oil into a pan. After that, we will put onions in it. When the onions began to be golden brown then add some tomatoes in it and put it on the heat for 2-3 minutes and put ginger garlic paste in it. After some time add chicken into it and give it some time to cook. When it cooks properly you have to turn off the flame. So, your curry is ready for the biryani.

Step 2: Boiling rice


Now, take another pan and put it on the normal flame. Add some water, oil, and salt to it. When the water comes to a boil then put rice in it and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. When rice is boiled properly so, our next step will be completed for the biryani

Step 3

Final part (dum)

Now, our chicken curry and rice both are ready. At last, we put them together in a pan and put coriander and pieces of lemon in it. Also, we add food color in it and then put it on dum for 15 to 20 minutes. After this, our biryani will be ready to serve.

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Mistakes To Avoid While Making Biryani( best recipe of biryani 2022)


Make sure don’t overcook your rice while boiling because they will join with each other and not look good.


Make sure that don’t undercook your rice because it remains raw. So, avoid this mistake.


Chicken is the most important ingredient of biryani. So, don’t undercook it because no one likes biryani with undercook chicken. So, try to avoid this mistake.

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