Switzerland Announces Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2023


In a remarkable move that reflects the continuing commitment to educational cooperation and transnational exchange. Switzerland has blazoned a slew of literacy for Pakistani scholars in 2023. This instigative development has opened avenues for Pakistani youth to pursue advanced education in one of the world’s most prestigious. Switzerland Announces Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2023. Swiss … Read more

Methods to Check Annual Matric Exam Results in Punjab


As the academic time draws to a close, scholars across Punjab are eagerly awaiting the advertisement of their periodic Matriculation examination results. In an age of technological advancement, checking test results has come more accessible than ever ahead. This composition explores the colorful styles available to scholars in Punjab to pierce their Matric test results … Read more

Punjab to Officially Announce Matric Results Tomorrow


All Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) will announce the result of 9th in Punjab on 22 August 2023. Punjab to Officially Announce Matric Results Tomorrow. The momentous day has arrived for scholars across Punjab as they eagerly await the sanctioned advertisement of the Matriculation examination results. hereafter marks a significant corner in the … Read more

Cambridge Announces Retake Exams for Pakistani Students


Cambridge Assessment International Education has lately blazoned a significant development that promises to appreciatively impact the academic geography in Pakistan. The preface of regain examinations for Pakistani scholars reflects a forward- allowing approach to education and is set to give learners with a renewed occasion to achieve their academic bournes . This move by Cambridge … Read more

PTA, PITB Inaugurate Lahore IXP to Boost Digital Connectivity

In a significant step towards enhancing Pakistan’s digital geography, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority( PTA ) and the Punjab Information Technology Board( PITB) have concertedly inaugurated the Lahore Internet Exchange Point( IXP). This state- of- the- art installation is set to revise the country’s digital structure by easing briskly, more effective, and cost-effective internet connectivity. The … Read more



The Medical and Dental College Admission Test( MDCAT) is a pivotal examination in Pakistan that determines admission to medical and dental sodalities. still, in recent times, a growing number of foreign graduates have been querying against MDCAT rules, championing for changes that reflect their unique circumstances and qualifications. This development has sparked debates about equity, … Read more



Online College course There are several accredited online colleges and universities in the USA that offer a wide range of courses. Here are a few examples: ACCREDITED ONLINE COLLEGE COURSES IN USA University of Florida University of Florida: UF Online offers various undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fields such as business administration, computer science, … Read more