Another Shock for Public as Petrol Price Catches Dollar


The ever- adding cost of petrol has come a patient cause of concern for the public. It seems that the shockwaves continue to ripple as petrol prices now catch up with the fugitive bone. This intimidating development has farther aggravated the fiscal burden on individualities and families. Calling into question the sustainability of current profitable … Read more

Gilgit Turns Old Jail into Public Library 2023


In a remarkable display of development, the megacity of Gilgit has taken a step towards education, culture, and community development. by converting an old jail into a vibrant public library. This transformative design, which was initiated in early 2023. It completed in a matter of months, showcases the megacity’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth and … Read more

Toyota to Launch Full-Size Luxury SUV to Rival Mercedes GLS


In a bold move that signifies Toyota’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence. The Japanese automaker has its plans to launch a full- size luxury SUV challenging the dominance of Mercedes- Benz GLS. This development underscores Toyota’s pursuit of feeding to a more upmarket request member while its character for trustability and invention. … Read more

Sindh to Legalize All Illegal Buildings 2023


In a significant and controversial move, the parochial government of Sindh, Pakistan, has blazoned its intention to legalize all illegal structures constructed within its governance. This decision, aimed at addressing the long- standing issue of unauthorized constructions, has sparked debates about civic planning, property rights, and the implicit consequences for the civic geography. This composition … Read more

China Adds Indian State to its New Official Map

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In a surprising move that has escalated politic pressures between China and India, the Chinese government has lately released a new functionary chart that includes an Indian state within its territorial boundaries. This controversial act has sparked a renewed debate about territorial integrity, politic morals, and the complex geopolitical dynamics between the two Asian titans. … Read more

Methods to Check Annual Matric Exam Results in Punjab


As the academic time draws to a close, scholars across Punjab are eagerly awaiting the advertisement of their periodic Matriculation examination results. In an age of technological advancement, checking test results has come more accessible than ever ahead. This composition explores the colorful styles available to scholars in Punjab to pierce their Matric test results … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S24 to Copy Even More iPhone Features


The competitive smartphone landscape is characterized by constant innovation and the quest for differentiation. In a bold move, Samsung’s upcoming flagship model, the Galaxy S24, is rumored to incorporate even more iPhone-inspired features. This choice raises intriguing questions about the evolution of smartphone design, user experience, and the balance between originality and industry influence. Samsung … Read more

High Flour Prices Keep Weekly Inflation Near 28%


The global economy is an intricate web of interconnected factors, and one of the most immediate and impactful indicators of economic health is inflation. In recent times, a concerning trend has emerged, with high flour prices acting as a driving force behind an alarming weekly inflation rate that has soared to nearly 28%. This phenomenon … Read more