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Style and fashion are self-expression in a particular way, place, or time in a different context like lifestyle, clothing, accessories, footwear, etc. Basically, it is the art of expression through clothing and our lifestyle. We put our personality in a different situation through our beauty. It is a story that tells us about the person and what he or she wears clothes.

fashion from the past all about 1930s style

Fashion is not only about wearing clothes but it is also about makeup and accessories. As we all know that style and fashion change every year. There is a lot of difference between 80’s fashion and 90’s fashion and now fashion is totally different. This fashion repeats every year. Everyone wants to look stylish nowadays. It has a lot of importance in our society.


There are different types of style which are given below

  1. Parisian

Parisian style is one of the famous styles. As french girls want simple concealers and tinted moisturizers instead of heavy foundations and bases. The fashion of foundation is no more. So, this gives the look of clean girl makeup. Girls look attractive and sophisticated by adopting this fashion.

  1. Classic

It is a simple look with the oversized pieces mixed with the body-tight like baggy hoodies and biker shorts.

  1. Athleisure

It is based on pair of jeans

  1. Streetwear
  2. Business Casual

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